Outcome of The Final Pitch Presentation

Been a while since I’ve posted but expect some hefty updates within the next day or so.  Okay so the presentation for my final pitch was given today.  It went fairly well except I realized that I lacked some of the information that others had in their power points.  My power point also fell short when it came to aesthetic appeal.  I have one more shot at the power point presentation, so hopefully I can manage to create something more eye catching and well rounded.

Overall, people seemed to like where I’m going with for the project for this class which is great.  I’ve been itching to start the model and see if I’m able to do what I think I can do.


Concept: Steampunk Po-Po

Okie dokes, I’m finalizing the concept for the one model that I’ll be creating for Studio I, a steampunk-ified cop.  I’m probably going to stick with these proportions as opposed to those of UT3 and that means the character won’t be playable.


Female Concepts

Before I gave my presentation two days ago, I had started concepting possible characters for modeling.  Of these three, I was going to choose one for modeling and color mapping in Studio I.  As of now though, that plan is probably going to sit on the back burner since I’m going to work on a normal mapped, mid-poly (10000 tris) character first.  The concept for the mid-poly character is still being worked on but will be posted so on.

From left to right:  battle mage, lancer, assassin


Results of the First Presentation

Okay, so I gave my presentation and I think it went pretty well.  I was suggested to go with the third pitch which originally was my least favored option.  The first two would have given my much more content to show in my portfolio, which I feel I lack,  while the third will only give me one model.  Yes, with the third idea, I’ll be able to demonstrate that I can import a playable character into UT3, but how much more important is that as a character artist than being able to show that I can create a variety of characters and creatures?

I feel like being able to navigate through a game engine will be much easier to learn than learning good design and anatomy.  I mean I’ve already shown that I can get familiar with a variety of programs already.  If I was to get into a company that uses some game engine that I haven’t seen before, I can either have somebody to go over or I can just play with it and get going within a couple of days.

Creating a playable character withing UT3 has its issues as well.  I don’t plan on creating any custom animations for a character so in order to use the game’s character animation sets, I’ll have to use their skeletons therefore limiting the proportions and design of the character.

It feels like being able to import into UT3 is just one of those “good to know” things like After Effects, Flash, C++, etc.

Regardless, I’m still considering pitch 3 but mainly for the purpose of being able to create only one, but awesome looking, character model.  However, I’m still thinking about creating diffuse only character models if I have time at the end.  Don’t worry, I won’t start them until I’m satisfied with the normal mapped model.

Concepts heading this way soon.

Three Pitches for Studio I

So originally I wanted to create six characters for this class.  Unfortunately, that’s too big of a task for ten weeks with two other classes tacked on.  Instead of six, I’ll probably going to only create three character models.  Below is a rough of the pitches that I’ll be presenting in class.

Pitch 1:

*2 Color Map Only Character Models

—–2000 tris each

—–1×512 color map

—–1 female model

—–1 creature/male model

*1 Normal Mapped Character Model

—–1 model at 8000 tris

—–2048 texture maps

Pitch 2

*1 Color Map Only Character Model

—–2000 tris

—–1×512 color map

*2 Normal Mapped Characters

—–1 model at 3000-4000 tris

—–1 model at 8000 tris

—–1024 – 2048 texture maps

Pitch 3

*1 Normal Mapped Character Model

—–1 model at 10000 tris

—–2048 texture maps

—–Rigged and Imported into UT3

New Blog for ITGM 405

Class has started and now I have an idea of what I need to do for Studio I.  I’ve always liked character creation so that’s what I’m most likely going to end up shooting for even though I’ve heard again and again that the competition for character artists positions are stiff.  Truthfully, I would like to go and work for Blizzard or some studio that still employs low poly, diffuse/color only models.  Studios making hand held games are of interest too.  With that in mind, I think I would want to create at least one or two great looking low poly, diffuse only character.  I would also like to create one or two normal mapped characters just to show that I am capable of creating current gen characters.  So for the three presentations, they’re going to consist of various combinations of different character models.  I’ll post them once I’ve settled on the pitches.