Rift Boy Redux

Taking a couple of hours off  of Johnny and working on a redux of Rift Boy.

I made this new concept taking some of an industry art director’s suggestions into mind.

For the most part, the design remains the same, however, new stuff includes:

-The face is rounder, softer, and has a button nose.
-The hair will be given a lot more love. I have a better idea on how to tackle planar hair after looking at more refs.
-A towel or cloth between the boy’s poor head and the strainer
-thinner and smaller frame in proportion to the head.
-a better clasp for the bunny to hang onto
-redesigned shoes, it looks stupid atm.

Probably won’t get around to it until after May…sadly….


Johnny’s Low Poly Mesh

Just finished the low poly mesh.  Aiming to get it unwrapped before the start of the new week.

Wait, I Have a Blog!?

Hey didn’t I say I was going to continue using this blog even after Studio I is done with.  *cough*
Yeah, it’s been quite for a couple of months but…I didn’t say that it was going to continue right after Studio I right :D.  So, now that I’ve dusted this thing off, it’s going to be a place where I’ll be posting WiPs.

Here’s something I’m currently working on.  It’s the main character of a game pitch that was made during my Studio II class that didn’t get picked up.  He, Johnny Starsandstripes, has a background but…I think I’ll save that for another post.

I’m calling the sculpt done for now.  I think with what I have in mind and the fact that he’s for a 2.5D sidescroller, the sculpt should suffice.

Images of the Product

With all the hectic things that was going on this week, I didn’t get the chance to post up the finished renders of my character.  Here he is.





Even though the term is over, I’m going to continue working on this guy until I’m satisfied with the model.  I also plan on keeping this blog going.

Sweet Tutorial for Generating Color and Spec Maps Using High Poly Mesh


Unfortunately, I found this a little late.  I found it somewhat convoluted texturing models with normal maps.  I think this may help once I start implementing the process.

Turn Around Video

I haven’t had a chance to post up any of the final stuff due to time constraints.  Well, I did have a turnaround video that I was going to hand in yesterday.  It was somewhat passable but there were a lot of noticeable problems.  There were timing issues and most of all, there were horrible normal issues.  The normals were due to me deciding to mirror some of the textures.  If you look at the model’s right shoulder pad in the original video, you’ll notice that the normal map is flipped inside out.  I was doing some researching and it seems that non of Maya’s default shaders can properly display mirrored normals (UT3 has shaders that can though).  The only way to make it look right was to flip the normals of the pieces that had reversed normals.  Unfortunately for the original video, I didn’t learn this out until all the frames had already be rendered (a grueling 2 hours).  But the good thing is, the stuff isn’t due till Thursday (he got us again…I’m not complaining).  I went back and redid the entire turn around.  I also changed the color scheme since most if not all the people that I showed it to weren’t feeling it.  The lighting is redone and the timing was reworked, not perfect, but pretty close to what I had in mind.

It seems I have to get an upgrade to load videos.  Darn, well I guess it has to wait then.

CD/DVD Burner

You know I could have sworn that Windows had a wizard that can burn DVDs/CDs.  Oh well.  I really don’t want to purchase a DVD burning software so I scrounged the net and found this.