Tower Light Generator

With the hand painted warhammer house being called done, I’m switching gears to current gen stuff.  I’m probably going to be doing some environments in the coming months, but before I start on those I’m going to make a small asset to iron out any wrinkles that I have when it comes to baking normals.

Below is my current progress.  I had to bake two different normal maps in Maya and combined them in order to get good results in the viewport.  One was baked using geometry normals and the other surface normals (you can find the option at the very bottom of the transfer maps window).  Geometry normals gets you smoother edges while distorting the bake on the surface of a face while Surface normals does the opposite (you have to of course make sure the normals and UVs on the low poly are set properly though) .  By combining the two maps, you get the best of both worlds.   I’ve tossed a test obj using this method into UDK and the normals seem to look fine.  Fingers crossed when I throw this asset in.  *Yawn*

Oh I also got the chance to model my first high poly tire, something that I’ve kept pushing back.  The effort was definitely worth it.


Warhammer Fantasy House Update 3

Calling doneski on this little project.

Onwards to the next battle!!

Warhammer Fantasy House Update 2

Another update.  Created and applied decals and added geometry to the stone and the metal spikes on the roof to break up the silhouette.

I think I’m pretty much done with the textures and model.  Next thing to do is bake out an AO map for the second UV set and and this baby in UDK!

Warhammer Fantasy House Update

Jeez, it’s been a month since my last post…I blame it on World of Tanks.

Update on the house.  Textures are mostly done save the decals and other transparency using planes.  I also need to add some more geometry to add some more interest to the silhouette.

New Webfolio Layout

It’s been over a year since my current portfolio layout has gone live…and it’s showing its age.  I threw together something last night for kicks.

Below is what the main page will probably look like.  It’s geared towards environment art, which is what I’ll be slowly shifting my focus on.  That said, the new layout won’t actually go up for a few months at best.

Warhammer Fantasy House

Practicing my environment/asset art skills.

Found this concept for Warhammer Online.  The model isn’t done yet but it’s far enough for me to start creating the tiling textures.   Going hand painted (WoW, Warhammer Online, Dark Millenium, etc.)  More soon.

Rift Tribute WiP

Not quite dead, but I am changing course in my area of focus.  I’m putting the characters on hold and am focusing on environment and assets.

Here’s a little something that I’ve been working on since this past weekend.

It’s a tribute to a UDK mod that I helped create several months ago called Rift.  Some of the meshes were created for and can be seen in the mod (the textures in the game however are not mines).

All the assets in this WiP (models and textures) except the stream of water was created by me and is displayed in the UDK.

Here’s a link to Rift’s trailer if you’re interested: